Building Value Into 20 x 20 Tradeshow Exhibits

by | Apr 12, 2016

Big, dramatic custom booths get the attention. But for many customer programs, the heavy lifting is done by the smaller exhibits. They’re the ones that go to most of the shows. They’re all that many important audiences ever see. This puts a real premium on their ability to:

  • Breakthrough on the show floor
  • Perfectly reflect company and brand image
  • Create a memorable visitor experience
  • Drive home key show messages
  • Support everything that has to happen in the booth (e.g., storage, leads, presentations)

And of course, do all of this while being low-cost to get on and off the show floor, and to change from show to show. We understand all this. We know that even a small booth must be “theater” – not just walls, a logo and some graphics. We work with you to carefully define everything that constitutes an effective design for your specific business goals, then equally hard to bring that design to functional reality. As an example, we offer these two recent  20 x 20 exhibits. One for Pacira Pharmaceuticals, designed to facilitate small group presentations. The other for MasterCard, supporting a game show-style educational program. Both are created to “jump” off the show floor and be cost-effective to own and operate over time.

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