Not Cool for School

by | Nov 15, 2019

Most of you probably went to elementary school in the 80’s. So, what would you say if you were asked to name some of the things that have changed since then?

Well, if you are thinking about tradeshows, retail stores, museums and environments (as we do most of the time), you might mention the huge impact of technology, the concept of the visitor or shopper “experience,” or the focus on exhibits and displays that are more cost effective to own and operate over time.

If you’re thinking about the broader world you’d again talk about technology, maybe fashion and hair, music, the polarization of American politics or even the climate.

But let’s keep it simpler and instead just think about what kids used to be able to do in school back in the 80′ that they can’t do now. If you’re a parent, this should be easy. To get you started, here’s one example – no more making ashtrays in art class. Now try to think of some more, or just read the list below.

What You Could Do at School in the 80’s That You Can’t Do Now

Make construction paper pilgrim and Indian costumes
Get signed out by your mom’s friend
Line up by gender
Go to gender specific classes
Play dodge ball or tether ball
Climb a tree
Eat a peanut butter sandwich
Clap erasers
Let kids supervise cross walks
Give candy as a reward
Pick teams in gym
Give Valentines to select people – banned or everyone or no one policy
Soda machines
Bring cupcakes for birthdays

Are these positive developments? The result of an overly protective society? Probably a little of both.