Delta Debuts Amazing Tech at CES With Potential Event Applications

by | Jan 14, 2020

Imagine walking up to the typical airport departure screen and instead of seeing long lists of flights in an itty-bitty font size – you see a big message specifically for you – “Welcome Taylor. Your flight to Seoul is on time at Gate A9 and boarding in 30 minutes – 1:55 PM.” Pretty cool. Now imagine that there are three other people with you also looking at that screen – and each of them is seeing a completely different message tailored to them – on the same screen at the same time! (Click on the image for a quick demo)

Delta demonstrated this “parallel reality” technology at CES 2020 – the first time an airline has ever had a booth on the show floor. And they will roll out a real-world beta trial at Detroit Metropolitan airport later this year.

Why are we talking about this? Because you have to admit the technology is pretty amazing. Plus if you use your imagination its not hard to see how this tech could be used to personalize all kinds of information and experiences at events and tradeshows. That is, of course, once the technology is vetted and gets a little more mainstream.

How does parallel reality technology work? First the system has to recognize you somehow – through your smartphone, facial recognition, some other kind of wearable. This means you need to be pre-qualified to take advantage of this technology. Overhead cameras track your location (supposedly as an unidentifiable blob for privacy reasons). The ability to show multiple images to different people at once on a single screen is powered by what’s called a “multi-view” pixel. Unlike traditional pixels, which emit one color of light in all directions, these pixels can send different colors of light in tens of thousands or even millions of directions. Then software somehow directs the correct image to you based on where your are standing.

That should totally clarify it for everybody. In the meantime, keep your eye on this technology – and we will too.