Seeing Red: Katena’s New Tradeshow Booth

by | Jun 28, 2013

Katena, an eye surgery instrument company, is known as the Mercedes Benz of its field. To keep this reputation, Katena recently called on Art Guild to design a tradeshow booth that fit its design needs and modernized its newly re-branded image.

The modernized booth included all of the standards, a jewelry-esque display case for displaying instruments, a conference room for customer consultations, and a warehouse area for filling orders. It also differed from previous Katena booths. Katena, a company that historically used a linear booth, decided to use an island booth design. The significance of this change: Katena’s sign, which featured their new red color scheme, stood out proudly in the sea of mostly blue and white logos. This allowed Katena to draw customers’ attention.

Gordon Dahl, vice president of marketing for Katena, was charged with re-branding Katena when it came under new management. Dahl claimed that this is one of the most exciting challenges anyone in marketing can be given. Dahl stated that Katena chose Art Guild because “they had the right combination of creative talent to build a truly distinctive and high quality booth.”