Art Guild Enhances Retail Design Capabilities with the Hiring of Danny Wilson

by | Nov 4, 2023

Art Guild, Inc., a leading provider of retail displays and environments for the home building materials industry is pleased to announce the addition of Danny Wilson as Account Executive to Art Guild’s Retail Fixtures and Environments Team. This appointment comes at a time when Art Guild is focused on improving its ability to provide its retail customers with complete retail project lifecycle management services. This means offering a better shopper experience, easier program implementation and minimizing the long-term costs of owning and operating a program. Danny’s expertise is perfectly matched to these goals and will be crucial in enhancing Art Guild’s capability to deliver.

Danny brings with him over 20 years of relevant experience. This includes managing complex retail store fixture design and capital improvement projects for The Home Depot, Banana Republic and Old Navy – as well as work for multiple retail design companies including Design Industries and Miller Zell. His most recent roles include Senior Manager Environmental Design Strategy for the Home Depot and Design Project Manager for RR Donnelley, where he worked directly with The Home Depot New Concept Development Team. In both roles Danny managed multi-million-dollar design and implementation projects for new departments, fixtures and resets that dramatically increased sales while reducing management costs.

He is also experienced in managing complex operational improvement projects. These include a Home Depot Buy-Online Pick-Up-Instore (BOPIS) door system for pallet racking and a security lock-up system for high shrink departments that reduced shrink and increased profitability.

Jeff Jamison, leader of Art Guild’s Home Depot team said, “We are thrilled to welcome Danny to Art Guild. He is the right person at the right time. His track record speaks volumes, and we are confident that he’ll be instrumental in helping us develop retail programs that offer shoppers a better brand experience while reducing long-term program operational costs and improving their effective lifespan. He’s a complete win for our customers.”

The decision to bring Danny on board aligns with Art Guild’s commitment to pioneering cutting-edge retail solutions for its many customers including The Home Depot. As Account Executive Danny will work directly with customers to strategize, design and then manage the production, implementation and long-term management of complex retail programs.

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