Danny Wilson Joins Art Guild’s Home Depot Team

by | Oct 16, 2023

We’re excited to announce the addition of Danny Wilson as Account Executive to Art Guild’s Home Depot Team. But before we get into that, here’s a little background on why this is a big deal. 

As many of you know, one of Art Guild’s goals is to innovate smarter retail programs that positively impact every aspect of a customer’s program across its entire lifecycle. This means designing retail programs that:

• Offer a better shopper experience – one that enhances the image of the brand being sold, tells a compelling story, simplifies the shopping process and ultimately drives higher sales and margins.
• Are easier and lower cost to implement and maintain – reducing the labor needed to install, update and repair a program across its lifecycle – while minimizing inventory and waste.
• Increasing a retail program’s effective lifespan by designing it for durability and to more easily adapt to inevitable changes in product and messaging.

And that’s where Danny Wilson comes in. His skills are perfectly aligned to support these goals. Danny brings with him over 20 years of directly relevant experience, most of it spent managing complex retail projects for The Home Depot and the manufacturers that sell their products there. His past roles include Senior Manager Environmental Design Strategy for the Home Depot and Design Project Manager for RR Donnelley, where he worked directly with The Home Depot New Concept Development Team.

In both roles Danny managed multi-million-dollar design and implementation projects for new departments, fixtures and store resets that dramatically increased sales while reducing management costs. He is also experienced in managing complex operational improvement projects. For instance, he helped create a Buy-Online Pick-Up-Instore (BOPIS) door system The Home Depot and a security lock-up system for high shrink (theft) departments that reduced shrink and increased profitability.

And because of on-going work with The Home Depot, Danny knows us and we know him.

Jeff Jamison who leads the Art Guild Home Depot team said this about Danny, “We are thrilled to welcome him to Art Guild. He is the right person at the right time. His track record speaks volumes, and we are confident that he’ll be instrumental in helping us develop smarter, better retail programs for The Home Depot and its many suppliers. He’s a complete win for us and our customers.”

The decision to bring Danny on board aligns with Art Guild’s commitment to pioneering cutting-edge retail solutions for its many customers including The Home Depot. As Senior Account Executive Danny will work directly with customers to strategize, design and then manage the production, implementation and long-term management of complex retail programs.

A Little More About Danny
Danny’s a consummate team player and leader, plus an all-around great guy with a wonderful sense of humor. He has event experience from leading his own successful event services company. He’s an avid volunteer and he has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Indiana University–Purdue University in Furniture Design and Manufacturing with a minor in Ceramics and Art History.