Tradeshow Program Reboot – Building ROI

by | Mar 21, 2014

Here’s an interesting and simple approach to building your program’s ROI. It starts by recognizing that all ROI-building strategies fall into three basic categories:

–   Operational Excellence Strategies – Driving cost, time, waste and complexity out of your program’s implementation and long-term management

–   Target Engagement Strategies – Improving your program’s ability to attract, engage and “close” prospects (shoppers)

–  “Future Proofing” Strategies – Improving your exhibit’s ability to adapt to future program changes – known and unknown – and keep it working effectively longer

As simple as it sounds, we have found that one of the best ways to boost your program’s performance is to:

–   Look at your current go-to-show strategies in terms of each of these categories

–   Find the biggest weaknesses and opportunities (don’t forget to look at your own internal processes and the people involved)

–   Develop and implement new strategies to fix the weaknesses and capitalize on the opportunities

–   Measure the results and use what you learn in the next planning cycle to get even better