Interactive Educational Exhibits Fuel Smarter Energy Choices

by | Jul 15, 2015

The earth needs help. We’re pleased to have the opportunity to provide it with yet another project, at least in part, dedicated to teaching people how changing their behavior can positively impact the environment. Some past projects include:

– The Changing Earth exhibit at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia
– The PSEG Environmental Resource Center of South Jersey
– Interactive exhibits for two Dominion Power visitor centers in Virginia
– The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach Visitor Center in Florida

We now add to the list the newly opened Energize Connecticut Center in North Haven, CT.

Designed by Strada, built and installed by Art Guild, the center focuses on teaching kids and grownups how the energy choices they make impact costs, comfort, convenience and the environment. The fun part is how the center actually does this through a series of imaginative, hands-on, interactive exhibits that really bring the message home – literally.

One exhibit lets up to four people compete on stationary bikes to see who can light a series of light bulbs first. A wall-size Jeopardy game lets people show off their energy savvy. And then there’s the “cubby” wall of appliances (a clock radio, fan, hair dryer, coffee maker and more). Turn them on in different combinations to see how fast your choices make an electrical meter spin. There are also exhibits on the impact of insulation, making your kitchen more efficient, how electricity actually gets to your home and of course alternative, renewable energy sources like solar and geothermal.

Learn more about the center here.