IVC: Simplifying the Marketing Supply Chain

by | Feb 7, 2016

In this hyper-competitive world the accuracy and consistency of an audiences’ experience with a brand has never been more critical. Trying to deliver this using multiple vendors can come at a high, often unrecognized cost; loss of control and unnecessary time and money spent managing a complicated vendor network, or “marketing supply chain.” Most companies recognize this on the advertising/PR side of their marketing mix. But few think this way when it comes to their 3D or face-to-face programs, sometimes using a complicated mix of exhibit houses, event producers, retail design firms, graphics printers and more to fill their needs. Why?

To give our customers and alternative, we have engineered ourselves to cost effectively deliver a full suite of 3D/face-to-face services. IVC’s story is an example of this in action.

IVC is one of Europe’s largest flooring companies. When they came to the US about a decade ago, they understood that to compete they needed a strong, differentiated brand in the US, executed consistently across multiple touchpoints – including product showrooms, retail stores and an active tradeshow and event program.

We have been supplying all of these turnkey for IVC for years (see photos), always building into it:

  • A consistent brand look in terms of colors, materials and architecture
  • A better brand “experience,” represented by a consistently superior product presentation and an easier shopping process

The benefits that can come from a flattening a marketing supply chain are what we call the ‘triple play’ – greater control as represented by a more consistent brand experience, speed of execution, and greater cost effectiveness.