Pitney Bowes: Thinking Inside the Box at ShopTalk

by | Apr 1, 2019

You may know Pitney Bowes best for its postage meters, but it’s actually a leading global technology company whose main business is supporting the billions of transactions made by its customers with all kinds of shipping, mailing, financial and data solutions.

One area of expertise is helping e-commerce retailers like Target, L. L. Bean and Sephora improve the experience they offer the people who buy from them on-line. You know, all the things that matter to you when you order something on-line – shipment tracking, returns, bonus offers or merchandise, plus the actual experience of opening the box.

So, at ShopTalk – a show dedicated to everything new and cool in retail – Pitney Bowes showcased its capabilities in a unique 30 x 50 booth (see photos). The booth which looked like a jumble of giant corrugated shipping boxes encouraged visitors to come in and “see what’s inside the box.” What happened inside? Pitney Bowes promoted it with the Facebook post shown here, and described the booth as “a first-of-its kind installation that takes Shoptalk attendees on an interactive tour of its fulfillment, delivery and returns innovations—literally from the perspective of a customer’s order.”

Wondering what the booth was made of? It’s not actually cardboard. It’s mostly SEG tension fabric with hi-res graphics printed on it then wrapped around an aluminum frame. Plus a few aluminum lightboxes with custom graphics. Look for the booth to appear in other formats at a other shows in the coming year including Pitney Bowes’s private event – the (R)Evolution retail technology conference.