TE Connectivity – Connecting the Dots at LIGHTFAIR

by | Jul 15, 2019

TE Connectivity is a global company with over 14 billion in annual sales. Its business in a nutshell is the design and manufacture of connectors and sensors that are mission critical components of larger assemblies – like cars, planes, lighting systems and manufacturing robots. Target audiences are typically engineers or procurement people and the complexity of their projects (imagine an engineer designing a citywide street lighting network) often makes a sale a long-term, collaborative process requiring a custom solution.

When we began working with TE Connectivity on their tradeshow program, they hit us with two major challenges. First, help reinforce TE’s image as a global leader while making it clear who TE is and what it does. This is a key marketing goal due to TE’s confusing history as TYCO Electronics up until 2011, and the fact that some people still confuse it with AMP, a decades old company TYCO acquired in 1999.

The second challenge was to create a design that guides potential buyers on a path that first introduces them to the TE brand story and the real world needs driving TE’s product development – then helps them easily connect with the specific products most appropriate for their own project challenges. This last step, for interested prospects, takes place in two comfortable bar-like spaces surrounded by products and product info where salespeople and prospects can comfortably review project challenges and potential solutions.

The resulting exhibit design – created first as a 30’ x 50’ for LIGHTFAIR 2019 – is visually striking and a true standout on the show floor.  The exhibit is also a masterpiece of functionality. It’s built as a changeable system of parts meant to readily adapt to the different products and stories of TE’s many business units. It passed its LIGHTFAIR test. How will it do with the rest of its busy show schedule? You’ll have to stay tuned (but we’re pretty confident).