Bringing Safety and Confidence Back with Safe Space Solutions

by | May 22, 2020

People are remarkably creative – particularly in times of need. So we’re all seeing an explosion of ideas for keeping people safe once they’re released from lockdown – some smart and some maybe not so. In France they’re partially encasing restaurant goers in their own acrylic bubbles. There’s a Boeing airplane bathroom that baths itself in disinfecting UV light between uses. A Shanghai restaurant where the waitstaff boils your utensils right in front of you. And one of our favorites – a robot dog that patrols a park in Singapore and “yells” at people who are too close to each other (see picture).

Remote Controlled Robot Dog Enforces Social Distancing in Singapore Park

We’re doing our part too. Our focus for now is on making it safer for people to return to offices, retail and other shared works spaces. One of our first projects is our Safe Space Solutions program (see slides above). It’s focused on making spaces safer and giving people the confidence they need to feel comfortable returning to a shared work environment. At its heart is a kiosk that can come in a variety of shapes and sizes – both wall mounted and freestanding. These can be branded and customized to the space and need. Each kiosk takes a multi-faceted approach to safety, combining a suite of the most vetted, off-the-shelf sanitization tools and and safety procedures.

  • UV light sanitization for cell phones and other small objects
  • Hand sanitization station
  • Antiviral wipes
  • Gloves and mask distribution
  • An infrared thermometer
  • Safe waste disposal

But beyond the kiosks, the Safe Space Solutions program includes instructional and educational messaging opportunities to help visitors understand your office’s specific safety protocols and requirements. These can be flat graphics or offer digital content like a pre-recorded video. Other tools are also available to help enforce physical distancing rules. These include floor graphics, physical barriers, and acrylic dividers to separate workers and work spaces (see slides).

We’re currently implementing Safe Space Solutions programs – in different formats – in all five of our U.S., facilities. We’re also helping customers implement their own Safe Space Solutions programs. And beyond offices there’s a host of other potential applications including tradeshows, events and retail spaces once these begin to come back to life.

For more information on our Safe Space Solutions program please contact Kevin Sweeney, Vice President – Client Relations at