“You – The Inside Story” – A Fun New Exhibit for the Maryland Science Center

by | Dec 3, 2021

The Digust-O-Scope, a fart simulator, a bed of nails you can lie on and a whole feature area on nose hair. What’s not to like about our latest museum exhibit build and installation project for the Maryland Science Center?

The exhibit is called “You – The Inside Story” and it lives up to its name. Presented by John Hopkins Medicine, the exhibit is a hands-on exploration of the remarkable machine that is the human body. It features a wide array of digital, electro-mechanical and mechanical interactives that give visitors a very inside look at our senses, our unique genetic traits (like how much earwax we each have) and offers challenges for both mind and muscles. There’s even a ball game you can play with your mind.

And as you might have figured out by now, the gross stuff is not overlooked. The “Gross, Ick, Yuck” area was designed under the premise that some of the most unflattering parts of our bodies are the most entertaining and interesting. Hence a game to show you how nose hairs help protect your body, why we have scabs, a plasticized brain and an Operation-like game that challenges your parasite removal skills.

The 12,000-foot exhibit was designed by our longtime partner Metcalfe and fabricated and installed by our Museums + Environments team. It’s also open and ready for visitors. To learn more, visit the Maryland Science Center’s website.